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Our Story

Why you need to Amplify your brand

The average 20-year-old observes 15,000 marketing messages a day, spending 50+ hours on social media a week. These progressive, socially responsible consumers were born into the mobile world, and as a result, attention spans are short - you have only 6 seconds to engage them.

To complicate things, brand trust is low among these modern consumers and they do not want to feel marketed to. Creating an emotional connection to your brand is the only way to build loyalty.

So how can you cut through saturated social feeds, enhance brand trust and spark an emotional reaction in just 6 seconds?

It’s not impossible. We do it by taking the time to understand your consumers and tailor marketing programs to fit their needs. No one understands the student market better than students themselves. That’s why we go to directly to them and have authentic conversations about what would excite them.

How we Amplify your brand

With marketing analysts, influencers, and content creators on campuses across the country, we deliver national campaigns with a localized feel.

Backed by FUSE Live, one of Toronto’s top independent agencies, we have highly experienced marketing professionals supporting our youthful team with strategy and implementation.

Our digital influencer campaigns, on-campus programs, and immersive experiences are successful because they are tailored for students, by students.

So what do we actually do?

There are 2 million Canadian post-secondary students, representing $50 billion in buying power. This figure is growing at 3% per year making it a critical time to make a connection and build loyalty.

Here's how we do it


Influencer marketing

Amplify has built Canada's largest student-influencer network with over 6000+ influencers across the country able to deliver 8+ million in reach.

We pair you with influencers that align with your brand’s vision and use proprietary technology to ensure they reach your target audience. We develop effective creative campaigns with influencers channelling content through their feeds.



Whether you need product sampling, event-based programming or unique on-campus experiences, Amplify has you covered.

Leveraging on-campus micro-influencers, we integrate a digital component to every on-foot campaign to make a larger impact and reach the target audience at scale.


Brand ambassador programs

Consistent brand messaging delivered by influential members in target communities leads to long-term impact.

Amplify creates refreshing brand ambassador programs by analyzing on-campus trends for untapped growth opportunities. Our programs stimulate consistent and authentic dialogue, building trust with consumers and creating excitement around your brand.



We leverage micro-influencers to build awareness and create hype around your brand.

We then deliver sponsored content from them to launch high-impact localized ads. With consistent and relevant brand messaging, consumers begin to engage with your ads instead of aimlessly scrolling by.

Our services work best in unison

We leverage on-campus analysts and data analytics tools to understand the current climate in target markets. Our analysts act as on-campus culture experts, enabling us to tailor the strategy to specific markets for increased relevance and engagement. This informs our strategic and creative direction.

Influencer content is the closest you will come to reaching a captive youth audience in 2018. We pair you with influencers that align with your brand’s DNA, and use proprietary technology to ensure they reach the target audience. Our influencers channel content through their feeds to showcase your brand in a positive light, building excitement and further interest.

Experiential marketing is ranked as the most influential medium for converting customers: 95% of consumers are more inclined to make a purchase after attending an event.

We create immersive experiences, leveraging our influencers as brand ambassadors to showcase your brand in a positive light. Adding a digital element to traditional on-foot campaigns enables us to reach your target consumers at scale. We create these experiences to build hype around your brand, leading to impactful engagement from new consumers.

We maintain the conversation to grow brand affinity by staggering post-event content to reaffirm consistent brand messaging, channelling it on social for targeted, localized ads, to increase relevancy and cut through saturated feeds.

You do not take your foot off the gas once the event is complete. We stagger post-event content to reaffirm consistent brand messaging, channeling it on social for targeted, localized ads, increasing relevancy and cutting through saturated feeds. We maintain the conversation to grow brand affinity.

See it in action

Since launching in 2016, the Amplify team has been fortunate to drive results for brands across a variety of verticals including Tech Startups and Fortune 500 corporations. Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped our clients connect with students in meaningful ways.

Meet our team

Kieran Mathew

Kieran Mathew

The Student Marketing Expert

Kieran is an entrepreneur and leading youth marketer. His insights have been featured in major media outlets and top podcasts. Kieran is a creative problem solver with a strong entrepreneurial mindset. He is also an advisor to student-run start-ups throughout North America and acts as a digital brand consultant for leading entrepreneurs in Canada and the U.S.

Landon Tulk

Landon Tulk

The On-Campus Organizational Expert

Landon delivers a deep understanding of campus culture, structure and politics making him an on-campus organizational expert. Having previously served as the VP of the Western University Students' Council, along with serving as VP of the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance representing 150,000 students in the province, Landon has worked with student governments and policymakers across the country.

Nicole Gallucci

Nicole Gallucci

The XM Expert

With over 30 years of marketing experience, Nicole has a myriad of passions in the marketing world. In addition to leading FUSE LIVE, she writes for the Globe and Mail Leadership Lab, speaks on the topics of Leadership, Marketing and Adversperience (a book she wrote on the topic), is a member of the Forbes Agency Council and Board Member for the Santa Claus Parade and the proud mother of 3 millennials.