The power of the youthful imagination is endless. At Amplify, we bring a fresh perspective, full of creativity. Let’s sit down, address your current state, find the gaps and our team will come back to you with a fresh stream of opportunities. We have created a simple, iterative, three tiered approach to help you build meaningful relationships with students across Canada.


Corporations are often lacking raw data from the student market. We gather data, consumer insights and hear stories from students, nationwide. We find out how your brand is competing in this market, why consumers are choosing your brand, why others choose your competitors and then we find opportunities. We will do this in a fraction of the time that a market research company will do so, and for a fraction of the cost.


Once the research is complete, our teams create programs to penetrate the gaps. We create programs tailored to our clients’ needs. We offer experiential based campaigns product-testing, influencer marketing, sales strategy, sponsored events, and unique, on-campus solutions.


With vast influencer partnerships, we address your target market and pair the right, influential students to best reach that audience. We create content, utilizing our teams and influencers to seamlessly implement the program on Canadian university campuses.


In this age of digital media, the average 20-year-old student observes 15,000 marketing messages a day. It is more crucial than ever for brands to invest time into understanding their consumers in order to stand out. Students want to join the conversation, not be talked at. We help you join the conversation in a natural and influential manner, building lifelong relationships with consumers in this market.