Our Team
Amplify’s leadership team is comprised of student leaders with immense involvement on campus and vast networks within Canadian universities. Their youthful spirit and imagination brings a fresh perspective to dated business strategies.
Kieran Mathew
Founder and CEO

Kieran is a highly creative, entrepreneurial spirit and a leading marketing expert in the student demographic. Kieran has always been a problem solver, with two years’ work experience doing business development and serving as a marketing analyst for start-ups. Kieran has served on the executive teams of several different Western philanthropic organizations and the Huron University College Student’s Council. After spending a summer interning in consulting, Kieran found himself thinking about helping clients to grow their business within the university market. Kieran saw that business executives valued the opinions of students highly, and began to realize he understands this market better than most of the clients. From there he began consulting for top Canadian corporations on how to effectively cater and sell to students. It became time to build a brand. Kieran founded Amplify in July, 2016.

Adam Higa
Chief Marketing Officer

Adam is an avid adventurer and lover of strategic marketing challenges. He studies at Western University, specializing in Consumer Behaviour within the Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies degree. Among his enrollment as a full-time student, he pursues a number of extra-curricular activities in various leadership capacities on campus.

Having previously held fundamental positions in Pre-Business Students’ network, Social Science Students Council serving as the advertising executive for the University Students’ Council, Adam loves meeting new people and getting involved. During his summers, Adam has worked as a sales analyst at Yellow Pages Group and held two terms at Deloitte as a part of their digital consulting practice. Adam is digitally innovative and a bold creator. Dare to find out more? See for yourself.

Landon Tulk
Chief Operating Officer

A working student, Landon Tulk is committed to two things: helping businesses connect with students and to continuously empower young people to grow the economy. Landon has transitioned into the Chief Operations Officer role with years of fundraising and partnership skills. At the University of Western Ontario, he most recently led a sponsorship team in raising funds for the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Landon has spent considerable time working for several elected officials, including Preston Manning. While serving under these officials, Landon recognized that the input of youth and students was inadequately considered, both in the political and professional workplace. Landon works to ensure that companies are tapping into the youth demographic effectively.

Daniel Steinberg
Chief Business Development Officer

Daniel Steinberg is a business management graduate at the University of Western Ontario. Daniel is passionate about entrepreneurship which has lead him to a career in strategy and consulting where he can help entrepreneurs thrive in today’s economy. Daniel has a background in Accounting services where he had spent his former two summers at Ernst and Young.

While at Western Daniel was a partner in a student run hockey venture, where he expanded and lead business operations. After pursuing an opportunity as a strategic coordinator offering in house strategic initiatives at a Toronto based 3PL firm, Daniel joined Amplify as the Chief Business Development Officer in order to help the team further expand into the Toronto market. Joining Amplify in January 2017, Daniel brings experience, dynamic opportunities, and new perspectives to our young team.