We help businesses to grow and succeed within the student demographic.
No one understands the student market better than students themselves.

You are an App Developer who needs to create an innovative marketing campaign for a nationwide campus launch.


You are a craft brewer seeking to test your product within Canadian universities, increase sales to students and earn customer loyalty in the process.

Market Penetration

You are a hip clothing manufacturer who wants to penetrate the student market but aren't quite sure how to do it.

Marketing Strategy

You are a wealth management advisor seeking to build lasting relationships with high-achieving young people.

SOCIAL & Student Recruitment SERVICES

You are a brand manager wanting to understand your brand’s equity with students and how it can be improved.

Experiential Marketing SERVICES

You are an HR professional seeking to hire students with the highest potential and best cultural fit.

Student Recruitment SERVICES

Why Amplify?
Amplify is a full-service marketing firm with teams at most major Canadian universities and vast influencer partnerships. We conduct research, create programs and implement them at scale, helping your brand building meaningful relationships with students, nationwide.

We will evaluate your current state and find simple, effective ways to improve performance and profitability within the student market. We will offer marketing initiatives, identify growth opportunities and business strategies for your company, backed by fact-based evidence.

We will integrate and activate the on campus facets of the strategy. Our networks give us incredible influence and allow us to understand this market better than anyone.

We will not overcomplicate things, or create problems that do not exist. We will provide effective, seamlessly integrated solutions based on our knowledge of the market, backed by fact-based evidence.

Students bring a fresh perspective, full of energy and creativity, leveraging the latest technological trends. We will ask questions that have not been asked before and approach problems in ways others have not thought of.

No one understands students like us. We are students. We eat, breathe, study, work and play with them. We know what they want and how they want it.

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